Emily Anne Page

Emily Anne Page

Join Emily Page for advice and expertise and stories of failures and lessons learned. She has launched thousands of best selling product businesses into retail and e-commerce including ones for social media and through influencers like Jocko Willink (Jocko Podcast, Extreme Ownership) and Kimberly Snyder (The Beauty Detox, Solluna) to name a few. She has also launched MULTI-million dollar physical products for massive brands including William Sonoma, Target, Walgreens, Costco and Amazon. She has also launched 3 of her OWN businesses and built them from ZERO to over $1 million in sales and sold them. There isn't a single problem or challenge you have faced in trying to monetize and launch a product business that she hasn't experienced in the past 10 years. You're welcome to CONNECT on LinkedIn and join her talks.

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Emily Page is a revenue growth expert with 10 years of experience creating new income streams for influencers, brands, businesses. This includes designing and launching CPGs into retail and e-commerce.

  • She is the founder of Pearl Resourcing, a brand and packaging design agency where she has crafted multiple 7-figure brands with 2-5x growth in sales in Target, Kroger, Costco, as well as Amazon.
  • Emily Page is a Business Growth Coach and Product Development Expert with years of experience launching and growing income streams for influencers, executives, and entrepreneurs with more profit and fun.
  • She has specifically grown 3 businesses she has launched past $1 million in revenue and successfully sold them. She has done that and more for other executives like you. + She also owns Pearl Resourcing is a brand and packaging design agency for physical products committed to positioning your products to sell the shelf or online (http://pearlresourcing.net).
  • She also offers Business Growth Coaching for executives seeking to figure out the best growth strategy for their business (http://emilyannepage.com) along with a blog on business growth (and forthcoming podcast in August 2020 http://starttosoldpodcast.com)

Let's Connect On LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/in/EmilyPage/

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